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``We live not only in a world of thoughts, but also in a world of things. Words without experience are meaningless.`` - Vladimir Nabokov


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Create a Buzz Around Your Startup’s Launch with These Ideas

Create a Buzz Around Your Startup’s Launch with These Ideas


“Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” – Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO There is something very exciting starting up a business. Startups offer you a chance to do something fresh and take new ideas to the public. But if you’re going to succeed, you need to get it right […]...

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5 Must Have Home Improvement Tools You Should Own


A home is a sanctuary for many, and making some improvements to create a lasting impression can be worrying to some. However, once you get to the planning stages, the nervous excitement sets in. Then you commit, take the plunge, and realize that there is no turning back. Knowing what tools will be required is […]...

5 Ways to Improve Your Blogging

5 Ways to Improve Your Blogging


Chances are if you have stumbled across this post, you want your blog to be a source of inspiration and information for your readers to draw the crowds. Blogging is a lot like dancing. It requires you to have rhythm to your writing, an elegance that draws people in and has strong meaning behind it. […]...

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How To Choose An Inversion Table For Back Pain Relief


Photo credit: jonsguide.org There were some intelligent people of the ancient age, who had discovered the health benefits of inversion therapy. Of course, the benefits were forgotten and then the modern scientists found the back pain relieving benefits of inversion therapy. Today, it is popular across the world as spinal decompression therapy. Thousands of people […]...

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4 Ways To Burglar-Proof Your Home


Break-ins are traumatizing experiences that leave the victims shocked and sometimes harmed. Burglars determined to steal your belongings will do whatever it takes to ensure that they are successful, even if that means inflicting harm on the occupants of the home they plan to break into. Other than losing valuable household items, you may end […]...

Common Health Issues And The Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Common Health Issues And The Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore


We can all struggle with our health at some stage of our lives. No matter how well we take care of ourselves some things can strike us when we least expect it. A lot of the time there is nothing we can do to avoid the situation occurring. More often than not, people ignore the […]...