DIY: Mental Health & Illness

Why I Love Worry Watch & Why You Should Too (App Review)

Anxiety has a way of getting the better of us in the worst ways. While many of us can and will experience symptoms of anxiety throughout our lives, 1 out of 50 people will likely develop some sort of anxiety disorder at some stage in their lives. I know what you’re thinking. That is a…

Shopaholic: Do You Have A Shopping Addiction?

Lots of people love shopping and for most people, there is no harm in enjoying making purchases or in the occasional shopping spree. Sometimes, though, there can be too much of a good thing. Impulse buying can lead to money worries and strained relationships. If you feel like you have no choice but to shop…

5 Tips to Keep Your Brain Active and Healthy

As an old saying goes, as you age, the mind is the first thing to go. However, not many people realize that there is scientific reasoning behind this. Your brain carries out most of its development from birth through childhood, and continues to develop until your mid 20's. After this point your mind will start…

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