Getting a new bathtub is an exciting time. There are many outstanding models available today that offer the types of features you’re going to love. Your budget and your needs will decide the kind of new bathtub you get.

Construction costs vary based on the material used and where the tub is to be installed. The new features that are available for bathtubs are unbelievably advanced. You’ll want to visit a showroom to see some of them in action, because a mere description does not do them justice.

Your Plans for Use

How you plan on using the tub is important. If you are a no-frills sort of person who is okay with the basics, you will not have to spend much on your new tub. You can buy the old-fashioned, but still popular, soaking tub. You may decide to add a few accessories, but your total investment is going to be very reasonable for a standard bathtub like this.

If you decide to go with a much more elaborate setup, you’ll have to add a significant amount of money. High-end bathtubs made from the finest construction materials can easily cost more than a luxury car!
Space for the Tub

The actual space you have to install a tub is a huge factor. You obviously can’t buy a huge bathtub to install in a tiny area. The first part of your bathtub project involves a careful measurement of the area where you plan on installing it.

Additional Features

You need to decide on what additional features you want in your bathtub. The list these days is incredible. You can get anything from heated blowers all the way to an automated cleaning system.

Whatever you want, you can get. The extras cost more money and may require specific elements for construction. You have to remain aware of all the details before installation day. For instance, if you decide on underwater ambient lighting and adjustable jets you’ll need to add to your budget accordingly.

Consider the Extras

If you plan on getting a bit fancier with your tub installation, you’ll need to consider a few extra details. Jetted bathtubs need extra components like a timer, a pump, and an air switch. You’ll have to keep electrical requirements in mind for an upgraded tub like this.

Most features you add will have installation needs. Check these out thoroughly before committing. Your budget can get out of control quickly if you’re not paying attention.

Bathtub Weight Matters

Some bathtubs are extremely heavy. Keep that in mind when determining whether they can be installed or not. When dealing with tubs that weigh in excess of 1,000 pounds, the structural limits of your home may come into play. The bathtub will weigh more when it’s filled with water and has someone bathing in it.

Can the floor in that room handle the load? You need to know the answer to this question before you buy. Bigger is not always better when it comes to bathtubs. You may be able to get everything you want out of a smaller tub. Talk with a qualified sales representative to get real world advice on choosing the perfect bathtub.

Your bathtub can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. There’s a model available for everyone. You may be limited based on space and budget constraints. Other than that, you’ll probably be very impressed with the range of additional features.

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